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 Selfie post

Selfie of the year! Coz I rarely post any pictures of mine anymore. Reasons are : If you're my friends then u can see me everyday, if you're my family member even more chances to meet up with me, if you're stranger, why do u wanna see me?
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 Happy 9 Years Anniversary !
Happy 9 years anniversary for my blog !! Although i don't really update it anymore ( basically it's half dead status =P ) 

Never knew that people could grow old so fast , and time is running with the speed of rocket ! Couldn't imagine that 5 years ago I was just a pure asian girl which is living in Malaysia . 5 years ago i have moved to Germany ,have been living in different cities and countries , deal with different people ~ 

Perhaps some bombastic updates for a quick throwback ?

Well, the updates will be listed down as below :

1.I'm an officially Apple girl now , my collection almost done ! I will tell you why , because I'm using my iphone 6 plus now ( finally ) , iMac ( while i'm aiming for a bigger version..ngek ngek ngek... ) , macbook air ( my lovely toy) , iPad ( it's great for gaming, especially funrun ! ) , ermm.. what else ? Next ..will be iWatch !!

2. I don't have boy friend anymore due to the fact that i stole his Last name now :) 

3. I'm working now. And i guess you would never got it right with my job position. Hence,it is better that let me tell you directly. I'm an Electrical Engineer , yes, power girl, no doubt , you know those people who is wearing a funny coverall , safety boots, helmets and wondering around in the power plant? It doeslook ridiculous... but that's me !

4. I'm planning to fly again ~~ Where ? We'll see :D Since I've travelled to Europe/southeast asia/Oz, where will be my next destination ? Some hints* yellow skin black eyes ~

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 General Training IELTS Kuala Lumpur 28-Mar-2015
General Training IELTS Kuala Lumpur 28-Mar-2015

section 1: A phone call from a customer who is looking for a new accomodation from a rental company.

Questions:  To write down the phone number of the agent ( they did mentioned double 2 in the conversation)
        The new home is opposite to where ? ( plaground)
        What are the average price/ week ( At first they mentioned some range 500-750 etc, but in the end they have corrected it to $550)

Section 2: Teachers is talking about how to improve their teaching method for Maths subject as student are afraid of it.

Questions: How to improve it? ( Multiple choice questions)

Section3,4: Don't remember

Reading test :

Passage 1 : An advertisement about different holiday villa/farmhouse in different countries
Passage 2:About information of Visa in Australia
Passage 3:About tips and taxes for employees ( Eg: waiters in restaurant)
Passage 4 : About ballpen, fountain pen, quill pen, metal nibbed pen, fibre tips art pen.

Writing test Task 1:

A friend of yours is going to visit to your town.

Write a letter to your friend and recommend him/her about :
- When is the best time to visit to the town
- Described some interesting places to visit
- Your friend does not have much money for accomodation, what are the suggestions for him/her.

Writing test Task 2:

It is sometimes said that high salary offered by a company is important.Some think that good working atmosphere is important. What is your opinion.

Speaking Test:

What is your favourite colour?
What colour do you paint your wall?
Do you like to wear bright colour during young time?
Do you have a favourite teacher?
What subject did he teach?
Do you still contact with your teacher?
Do you think that it is important to have teacher?
Do you want to become a teacher?

Cue Card:

Describe a place where you have long journey?
When was it ?
With whom?
What things did you do when you're travelling?
Why do you want to do it again?


Do you travel long journey?
Which form of transport do you usually use?
Do you prefer travel alone or with friends?
What are the benefit for travelling alone.

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 tschüss 2013 , und HaLlO 2014 !!!
I'm sure, pretty sure that 2014 is the year filled with love and happiness !! Why ? Don't ask me why, because I can't tell you now , just stay tune !! 

I guess is time for me to write a summary too for my wonderful 2013 !!! My 2013  : across the sea ~ the sky ~ europe & asia ~ exciting ~ amazing ~wonderful !!! Non-stop flying :D

I've graduated as a Master Student from Germany ! 
I worked in Zurich , Switzerland !
I took the flight services like train ! ( I flyyyyyy  A LOT .... sometimes I was wondering "am I a stewardess or Engineer now" :D)

My short flying summary ~
Hong Kong
Tokyo & Osaka
Singapore x3

to be continue in 2014 ~~~ It will be MORE EXCITING !!!!

happy new year 2014 !!!!!!! ( Ewww..don't remind me that I'm one year older now, so do you !! ) 

Love, Peace,Xoxo
Warm Wishes
Vampire Zyniz!

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 FACE it ! Gradation Art Nails
Perhaps i should really try some beauty blog post . Although i'm not that good in this field :)
Sis bought this sparkling purple gradient nail set from Korea! Is my first trial and this is my first ever gradient trial, guess what? I LOVE it till max !!!!

1st step : Apply the lighter colour 

2nd step : darker colour on the upper nail

3rd step : Apply colour 3 on the top tip

Final look !!! Isn't it looks super !!!!

Guess i will invest more on gradient set now !!! :D Amazingly good effects !!!

*Ps first blogpost via iMac

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It has been 9 years since the last meet up for all of us :)

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 Musik lernen

Erste mal für mich! Aber doch
interessant! Ich mag Musik!!!!

I have no memory about the music notes learning session in my junior school because I only had the music class for 2 times I think.

I can sing because I can remember the rhythm, but if you ask me to translate it to the Form of notes then k.o. So I guess now is the time to learn, pick it up!

I'm in love with music!

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 Is samsung galaxy s4 i9500 LTE supported?? (Celcom Malaysia)
Yes or no ?
Answer can be Y or N . If answer is Yes ( market dependent ) Do no ask me what is it , hell i know , the operator celcome also never explain it to me, i doubt that they actually understand it for real. They just answered " LTE for i9500 is market dependent , Miss ^______________^ "Answer can be No. Because is market dependent too ! =.=!

I've called to Celcom hotline 1111 many times, the last conversation just ended awhile ago. Talk times: 22minutes
For those who are using samsung S4 i9500 must be confused about the LTE , Question " can i use it for my i9500 ???"

So far my LTE journey in summary:
(0) Initially i went to the Celcom Blue Cube Sunway branch , that lady just said that the samsung S4 no LTE support : " we have tried and it is NOT possible ,only for iphone 5 , if you insist to upgrade it to the LTE simcad,you might have no internet and lost the signal." ( So does it mean that i can throw away my s4 phone into the deep sea and use back my iphone which is hibernating at the moment)
(1)Samsung S4 LTE is subject to market dependent ( which i have no idea at all about that and what the hell is it , coz i called to the celcom for the second time, and the second lady don't even know what is it.)
(2) First guy told me that s4 i9500 LTE is subject to LTE version
(3) Second lady told me that we received only iphone 5 LTE update on 15th june , but samsung s4 nothing. And last, the perfect answer : " i have no idea, i really don't know, i only follow the communication here.I cannot promise to you."
To celcom members :
Kindly update to all the employees that this is the following steps that they should inform to the customer.
(1) They should let the customer know that samsung S4 have two models , one is i9500 and another one is i9505 ( not launching in Malaysia) . Because the lady in Blue Cube Center Sunway Pyramid said that ALL samsung s4 model cannot support LTE. It was so funny , because she does not even try to help , it could be i have the possibility to get LTE if my samsung s4 is purchased from oversea and now i just need to upgrade to the LTE sim card.
(2) The celcom operator guy  on the phone did not provide the full information of it. He just said that " Miss, LTE version only market dependent for i9500 " Thats all.In future, please give full information but not half !!  ( may be i didn't ask them to provide more detail, so i call up to them again)
(3) Be like her !!! --> Last lady , the most honest(because she told me that she don't know ), sincere, and hardworking, i should give her credit for it, but her voices are too low that i can't even get her name properly.The information i get from her is quite good. Although i'm not satisfied.
Info from her :

(a) LTE version just launched on 15th June 2013 for apple + updates for the user to enable LTE on iphone 5

(b) i9500 not support LTE ? i9505 note supporting LTE, celcom are doing step by step with LTE devices

(c) But she tried it again to do the set up with her colleague : " i9500 with 4g apn setting and barrier , suppose to have hsdpa but signal lost once we did the set-up for getting LTE signal."

(4) She can't promise will it be possible to use it or not.

So in conclusion , what  I can do for my next step, change my 3g sim card to the LTE sim card first, even though no LTE, can still get H+ signal !! So why not ? Then i will wait for the good news from Celcom , otherwise : kiss goodbye i'm gonna switch the operator to the one who is having more potential. Then it will be Goodbye forever for my loyal 10 years with this Blue logo :)

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 zyniz shared an Instagram photo with you
Hi there,

zyniz just shared an Instagram photo with you:

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"Shopping in genting ! My new future-theme shoe !#shopping#heels#shoe"

The Instagram Team
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More like a tweet instead of a post lol!
One more day!  Then I can see my hubby!!! 


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Not that I do not want to update my blog. Is just that a picture can speaks a billion words. But my Picasa account dead since last year and the new subscription package is just so ridiculous. Therefore I'm gone. :( I will try my best to come back. Too many stories that I wanted to share with u all!
Quick update :
I've my first purchase experience today in Groupon!
I kinda in the learning progress of android phone s4 although I don't like it!
Enjoying my life now!
Love nougats!
I'll be back!


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 俞灏明伤后复出首唱 "我还好"全场飙泪 2013

"俞灏明伤后复出首唱 "我还好"全场飙泪 2013" was Posted On: Saturday, January 05, 2013 @1/05/2013 10:57:00 PM | 0 lovely comments
 International event

A Sunday with my colleagues in the forest house !

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 zyniz shared an Instagram photo with you
Hi there,

zyniz just shared an Instagram photo with you:

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"Variety of Swiss Chocolate in the grocery store ~!"
(taken at Migros)

The Instagram Team
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 zyniz shared an Instagram photo with you
Hi there,

zyniz just shared an Instagram photo with you:

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"Great dinner with my family tonight ~! Satisfied ! "
(taken at Zürich)

The Instagram Team
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 Day One Entry: 28.09.2012

Prepared !! Last day in Germany !!

16° Clear
Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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 Autumn holiday !

Last week had my vacations in Luxembourg ~! Bad Durkheim Wine festival ~! Buying clothes ! Girls day !

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